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In fact, positive and negative energy attack each other by making that into a boundary line, and it has become zero by plus minus that "the space which anything does not have" is visible to zero apparently as a whole. The British physicist Pole Dirack completed the dynamic equation of the electron based on the theory of relativity.(The formula of movement of the electron assuming absoluteness of the speed of light)However, if this equation is solved, a thing called the electron which has negative energy besides electron with the usual positive energy will appear there.

If Electron with negative energy makes the electron of positive energy, and a pair and exists, positive electron will flow into the state of negative electron, and electron will all disappear from this world by plus minus = zero.

However, Dirac said that such a phenomenon did not happen, the electron is in fact already tightly got blocked in the domain of negative energy, and it is said that there is already no room for Electron with positive energy to enter there.

Anderson, Britain, discovered the positron out of the cosmic ray,and proved Dirac's theory. All the elementary particles of the universe have the partner beyond vacuous wall.And the vacuum was the world filled to the negative particle, not to mention "space without anything."

This vacuum is called "Dirac's sea."

In the place to which modern physics points, the huge particle will be got blocked with the state where it cannot observe to us in the vacuum.There is mass in a particle and mass is one form of energy.That is, Vacuum is the lump of huge energy.

In the very micro level, the phenomenon of disappearing if the mutual attack of positive and negative energy continues and the pair of positive and a negative particle appears from the inside is checked in the experiment.And in such a minimum domain, the power of an actually measurable like has arisen rightly. By experiment, we can check the power in which a vacuum carries out intension.

The principle can be checked only by making the thin wall of two sheets polished at the exact plane merely approach extremely.If the interval becomes small enough, the vacuum included in the meantime will shake.The energy with wavelength longer than the interval of a wall among the power in which positive and negative energy attack each other is shut out, and it becomes impossible that is, only for a mere part to enter there. As a result, between the walls of two sheets, vacuous pressure decreases rather than an outside, the wall of two sheets is pushed from outside and interval becomes narrow slightly.

This phenomenon is called Casimir effect.
Energy can be pumped out of a vacuum if this is used well.
Casimir effect should show up so more notably that the scale of the vacuum inserted in between is small. And fluctuation of positive and negative energy is completely caught between perfect planes, and if the method of opening continuously exists, it will produce an absurd applicable field.

It assumes that the vacuum of this universe has the energy equivalent to the maximum presumption value, and it will become possible to make it fly regardless of the initial mass of spaceship, supposing the energy which 10cm vacuum domain contains is convertible for injection of direct spaceship.(What is necessary is just to increase the acquisition domain of zero point energy without limit.)

Vacuous energy can be made to flow in there by making artificially the domain where energy density is still lower rather than vacuum.

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