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Chakra development device

Seven intakes of the space energy called chakra exist in man's body.Any chakra supports the internal layer and the external layer.Chakra is the meaning "the center of power", or "wheel" in Sanskrit. It does not exist physically and is having structure like a lens in the organ of the aura layer which wraps the body, and space energies are collected and it serves to strengthen it. Chakra has played the role which supplies the energy used as the "contents" poured into the "receptacle" to forming the energy from which aura serves as the "receptacle".There is no man at the reason for being alive only with the energy obtained from food or a drink, and there are they only by a part of mere metabolism supplies. The life itself is dependent on the space energy supplied from aura or chakra. While the chakra currently opened at the time of the baby to whomstanding is born will also pile up age, almost all men will close.

However, carrying out qigong or there are also persons whom chakra opened rarely, such as Buddhist priest who trained mentally and stacked practice. Since vitality appears in the man's soul since space energy will be rapidly supplied if chakra is open, and positive way of life is made, mind and body are always healthy, and it can live brightly.Although Kirlian photography is known as method of observing the energy of aura or chakra, this copies out the state where energy is emitted from man's body.The radiation state of energy draws a pattern peculiar to the men of each. Moreover, change of people's consciousness is delicately reflected in aura or chakra.It is characteristic that a healthy person's aura is shining brightly also mentally and physically. However, when it is in the state where it is filled neither with mentality nor a feeling side, it changes to the somber touch. When people get injured mentally, if black stain is made to the aura of the part which is related to the man's idea and the crack can be cured well by itself, it will be restored to origin, but when unconquerable, the black stain made to the aura comes to have bad influence on flesh soon.It becomes the cause by which the man's consciousness and feeling cause illness, surely as the proverb of "care will kill a cat." However, modern society is stress society and it can be said that the non-illness is held and they are always valid although our mind and body set in such a situation do not become sick.If space energy can be taken in, the heart and the body are activated and it can act by real itself and the inspiration from conscience.The more a moral wave motion goes up, the more the chakra which is the entrance of space energy is opened.However, in order to raise moral wave motion by oneself, it is necessary to pour in much efforts and time.

Chakra development equipment is flowing to the aura layer in which a detailed wave motion's wraps the body, and overly serves to open chakra automatically.Twice [ of every morning and evening ], both hands describe the electric bulb attached in the main part, and chakra opens by glaring for 15 seconds from 10 seconds. Although individual difference is among the degrees to open, people's consciousness acts greatly. The reason is because consciousness and will are objects, and in order that a consciousness object may work to plus so that it is by plus thinking, chakra is opened greatly.

Seven chakra
name(Sanskrit) existence point  color of    aura phenomenon to act on
Sahasrara Top of the head purple astral projection
Ajina Middle of the forehead indigo plant seeing through
Vishudda throat blue channeling
Anahata chest Green healing
Manipura abdominal brain yellow psychic power
Swadisthana philosophic appearance orange intuition
Muladhara sexual red telekinesis

<Chakra experiment>
It can check how self chakra is changing with use of chakra development equipment with chakra measurement equipment. The state of the chakra photoed by real time with an aura camera is indicated by the picture, and print printing of the analyzed chakra data can be carried out. Self health, stress, and mental condition can always be checked.
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