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Tesla coil
1. What is Tesla coil ?
Tesla coil was produced aiming at radio power transmission with the high frequency transformer invented by Nikola. Tesla(1856 - 1943). It is strong in the circumference of equipment, electric field@which carries out sharp change arises, and the experiment using various discharge tubes, the experiment of electromagnetic wave, etc. can be conducted. It is used for the free energy study that aimed at overunification well recently. Moreover, it is known from the time of invention that exchange of the high frequency of Tesla coil will exert a heat action on living body, and it is variously applied also to health as useful thing.

For the example,
@@Physical therapy which warms internal body tissue by feeble high frequency,
@@and softens the pain of a nerve or line, and paralysis
EHighparsermia @
@@Cancer organization is warmed and treated using microwave.

@@It is made use for these high frequency treatment.@
Nikola.Tesla acquires a patent of Tesla coil in 1897.

2. Structure of Tesla coil
The coil which bound the primary coil and secondary coil which wound around the pipe of empty core and took the large difference of a number in the shape of a concentric circle, and has arranged two coils in series across the space for electric discharge (sparks gap).

3. Theory of Tesla coil
After the current supplied from the power supply can raise voltage with a Voltage up@transformer, it is sent to the primary circuit which consists of a sparks gap, capacitor, and primary coil.If capacitor is charged by current and the highest voltage is reached by it, electric discharge will take place in sparks gap, and circuit will be connected in parallel temporarily. The current which flowed out at this time goes back and forth between capacitor and primary coils, a part of energy is sent into secondary coil by mutual guidance action, and it generates the current of the high voltage. While frightful electric discharge is performed by the end of a secondary coil, by the end, potential is zero and already connects with the ground here with primary coil (ground).

The medium-sized Tesla coil 1

The medium-sized Tesla coil 2

Large-scale Tesla coil

1. This system does resonance in 33KHz, and 240 per second pulse rotary gap runs with the speed of repetition .
2. About 40 limit it to a microsecond in vibration pulse time.
3. Primary resonance tank circuit conveys the greatest electric current more than 10KVA
4. Resonance rises to 50V charges with an interchange main.
5. Distance in straight line between corona release stick is 28 feeti20 corona outputj@
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3

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