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Atom switch
Whether alchemy of ancient times and medieval times being altogether fake except for the symbolic and religious and literary meaning and it being settled as it being illusion are that there is no basis. Although alchemy came out very much and it was the technology of element conversion, Dr. Voile who is the founder of modernization study did not think that element conversion was not necessarily impossible.However, after that, since scientists did not meet with phenomenon which suggests element conversion, they became faith with firm element eternal theory.

This element eternal theory is reversed by Rutherford in 1919.
It proved the nucleus of nitrogen being destroyed, if the alpha particle which comes out of radium is accelerated and it hits to nitrogen, and converting Rutherford into the isotope of oxygen. It is atomic energy weapon and the dawn of nuclear physics. However, although it proved that element conversion was theoretically possible for development of nuclear physics, alchemy of ancient times and medieval times was not necessarily reappraised by this.In order to perform element conversion, not to mention it, you have to smash the clone barrier (power which an atom unites) in an atomic level. Thereby, when it was not under super-high temperature and super-high pressure, it became an established theory for it to be impossible. And in the studio of alchemist only with flask or funnel, the prejudice that atom switch must have been more nearly impossible still was only born.

However, the research which smashes such common sense came to be brought into the limelight. It is the so-called cold fusion experiment. The British Financial Times reported on March 23, 1989 having succeeded in Professor of American University of Utah Stanly.Pons, group of professor of British Southernpton university Martin Fleischman causing nuclear fusion by the electrochemical method in test tube. These news ran about the world in an instant, and the supplementary examination experiment was conducted one after another.Since immense expense started development of the thermonuclear fusion equipment of which it has conceived from the former, it was shocking only by it being in a step state globally that the experiment of Pons and Fleischman was technique called electrolysis of very simple heavy water.

The main point of an experiment of Pons and Fleischman is two points, use [ using heavy water for the electric dissolution, and ] palladium for the negative pole. Although, as for light water (ordinary water), two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom are connected, as for heavy water, heavy hydrogen and oxygen are connected instead of hydrogen.If ordinary water is electrolyzed, hydrogen gas will be occurred in the negative pole and oxygen gas will occur in the anode. However, it will be decomposed into heavy hydrogen ion and oxygen ion if heavy water is electrolyzed. Palladium is called hydrogen suction element and has the character which inhales hydrogen rapidly in the crystal lattice. The hydrogen attracted by the palladium of the negative pole by electrolysis is overcrowded rapidly.  Clone power is overcome soon, the nuclei of heavy hydrogen cause a fusion reaction and they serve as tritium (tritium). These phenomena are the hypotheses of Pons and Fleischman experiment, and considerable superfluous heat was checked by experiment. Superfluous heat is generating of the quantity of heat exceeding the quantity of heat which turned on electricity, and there is no cause assumed in addition to fusion reaction.

Two years, Pons and Fleischman experiment, after, Landel.Mills and Bulgaria Noninsky reported that superfluous heat occurred, when ordinary calcium carbonate solution was electrolyzed with the electrode of nickel. Possibility of being the energy emitted when alkali and hydrogen carry out the nuclear fusion of this superfluous heat and element conversion is carried out at calcium was pointed out.

As for this Mills's experiment, the supplementary examination was performed in the Hokkaido University catalyst science center in 1992 next year. 3-4 times as much superfluous heat as the quantity of heat added when nickel was set to the negative pole, platinum was set to the anode and 20ml of potassium carbonate solution with a concentration of 0.5 mols was electrolyzed was measured. Moreover, the calcium considered hydrogen carries out fusion reaction to potassium, and are generated was detected.

By the way, about the atom switch in calcium from this potassium, the atomic conversion theory in the living body of Franch Louis Kelblan is reminded.

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