Future Technical Laboratory

Plan to add a research organization to the organic farming farm

We plan an organic farming farm (20,000-25,000 tsubos) aiming at self-support and provide a research facility, the accommodations along with air in water and the high place of the wave and plan the center for the purpose of We enable the stay for a long term, and healing mind and body.

< Pyramid >

It is the institution where there are Tibet exercises so that I let cakra open and can make an aura diagnosis to realize it, and mind and body become healthy together.

< Hall of healing >

It is the accommodations where there is a long-term stay and prepares for various optional services to heal mind and body. We are going to establish the restaurants utilized the no pesticide nature material produced in the field in front of the institution.

< Dome house >

The tired body is in state that a wave is low and is inert, but is an institution to improve this state. We offer healing service to achieve a wave.

Ground plan Image
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