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Plasma water generation device

With the healthy water represented by conventional water, there was still many composition of a cluster, and there were mixtures other than water, and since blood did not flow, a thin place when the blood vessel was got blocked was improved.@By changing the electron in the molecule into a stray state for the water made into high temperature high pressure using plasma, the composition can be made into the shape of spiral with high flexibility, and the number of composition of a cluster can also be reduced.@And the effect of the 3rd power of being 100% of water without impurities can raise the mobility of water, and even the thinnest blood vessel can let blood pass.

In order to obtain the electron conventionally obtained from the living body molecule since the connection with an oxygen radical became strong from plasma water from the peculiar molecule structure, it stops moreover, almost suffering from the illness of cancer, apoplexy, etc. which the oxygen radical had caused. .

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