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Plana box

It is an ultrafine particle, so that measurement is difficult for "space energy" in modern science, and it is made to all the things that exist in the universe based on this "space energy."

The "mind" which attracts attention recently is a kind of this space energy. In India, it is called"Plana". "Plana" is object with the "consciousness" accompanied by light and wave motion (frequency), and "will", and the heart and feeling which consist of our "Plana" are also an object.

When the structure of Plana Box is explained briefly, it is the box which consisted of wooden boards outside and consisted of metal plates inside.@Since organic substances, such as tree, serve to absorb "space energy", metal draws "space energy" on the other hand and there is work to reflect wooden board absorbs "space energy" from the open air, and it takes in inside box.@And every time it is drawn by taken-in the "space energy" to metal plate, it is rebounded, and it will be in the state where "space energy" flew in all directions and has bounded on the inside of Plana Box, and it will be accumulated and condensed.

The "space energy" condensed when the object was put into this Plana Box penetrates object, and the stagnated energy is activated

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