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Plasma weapon

Plasma arms are kinds of a thermonuclear fusion bomb.
Why did the fearful name of plasma arms in it stick ?
The structure is introduced simply.

Plasma is gas of a high temperature state as everyone knows. It is in the special state where the atom which increased energy for heat, and a molecule collide violently. In a nature, it generates along with vacuum electric discharge or thunder. As the whole universe, plasma is rather considered to be ordinary state.

I will take the sun for an example ....
The solar wind currently blown towards the earth, solar corona, etc. are the plasma of hot and low density. And although it is the same as other fixed stars, the inside of the sun is the plasma of hot and high-density extreme situation.

Why is this plasma connected with absurd destructive power ?

Principle of "molding explosion" - This is a merely small bullet and is the technology in which the steel plate of armored car with a thickness of 10cm can be made to penetrate. Since the portion of the ammunition of bullet rocket is made into the reverse cone, the usual warhead for reducing air resistance on it is attached. If this hits steel plate, shock wave will spread in the cone turned to the inside. That energy is pushed out with terrible vigor toward an outside by reaction, after concentrating and concentrating at the conic tip turned to this inside. It is the structure that it will jump out like sharp spear and will penetrate thick steel plate at once.

Although well known from ancient times, if this principle loads with the lithium hydrogenation thing which is the explosive of thermonuclear fusion instead of gunpowder shortly, what will happen to it ? Penetration capability will become almost infinite in case of this.

Plasma arms prepared two thermonuclear fusion bombs of "molding explosion", and were opposed mutually. And the electromagnetism for self --guidance of shock wave -- system is added and is simultaneously lit from both sides. If two spears of violent energy which faced each other collide head-on in right in the middle, what will happen to them ? The ball of the fire of a super density, i.e., the plasma of extreme situation, is generated by the super-clause energy shut towards the inner side. The substance of super-high temperature, the state of super-high density, and it is the same as that of the beginning of this universe, i.e., the initial condition of a big van. Expansion of the violent vigor of the ball of fire reproduces the initial universe which explodes as it is.

On the latest science community, it has become the center of attention to reproduce the terms and conditions of big van in particle accelerator. Indeed, it is theoretically possible to make the inside of particle accelerator into super-high temperature also like the beginning of the universe. But the density which does not carry out situation is too low. Considering the principle of an accelerator which operates substance on particle level, it is diluted rather to the maximum extent.

But, high-density plasma carries out completely different behavior from thin plasma. At this time, substance is converted into anti-substance and turns into destructive power for which itself is beyond in imagination. In this way, when the diameter of made "the ball of fire" amounts to hundreds of km, there is. "The ball of fire" incidentally produced at the time of the atomic bomb of Hiroshima is thing with diameter of about 280m [maximum of ]. Since the thickness of the atmosphere is little less than 80km, now, it is not what room to think also had at all. It will turn into the "plasma" of super-high fever of 10 million degrees in instant the whole earth circle. The planet earth where it is called miracle to exist in this universe itself expands at once, emitting glint of light, and turns into the huge spectacle of the universe. And after grand fireworks go out, it becomes the cold glass ball which emits powerful radioactivity, and, probably continues appearing on the darkness of the universe forever.

However, electromagnetism powerful if technical thing is said, in order to carry out self-guidance of the spear of thermonuclear fusion bomb correctly -- you have to build the system. For that purpose, superconducting technology is indispensable. Although there are signs by which plasma arms were already developed, there is no absolutely positive proof. The only weak point of these arms is never being able to perform full-scale experiment anyway. Experiment does not become as compared with old nuclear test. All are finished one when an experiment is successful to desert or the seabed. If development is completed to the inside of top secret, human beings and not all the existence of all lives also have marks, it would be erased,and possibility that it can never wish will already have produced recovery.

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