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High-speed mist distillation generator
Although the most important substance is water in order to maintain life, water shortage is posing a serious problem in every corner of the earth every year. Although the surface of the earth is covered with 70% of water, the most is sea water though regrettable. The method of the work which removes salt from sea water requiring cost, and changing sea water into fresh water, since consumption of energy is also intense was not realistic. This meeting for the study invented high-speed mist distillation generator which carries out salt removal of the old common sense at the low cost than which are far less.

Usually, although the distillation process for removing salt boils salt water at a vacuum state and is performed, high-speed mist distillation generator carries out the spray of the water with a nozzle into the heated air. Since as for the waterdrop discharged from the nozzle diameter becomes the shape of very fine fog of several microns and surface area becomes large, moisture evaporates in an instant, and a part of salt is crystallized at this time. Since the remainder is also in the state of fault saturated solution, With the conventional distillation technology, moisture and salt could not be separated completely but salt water with high concentration remained. If it is this technology, since the vacuum room for there being also no worries about waste and boiling sea water again is unnecessary, plant-and-equipment investment cost is also held down, and fresh water can be made very economically. It also becomes possible to remove other water-soluble substances like arsenic in this application.
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